Automated Tagging for Fashion Retail

Automatically generate detailed metadata from just the product image with advanced computer vision techniques.


Automated product faceting

Our machine learning algorithms can automatically tag products according to your existing taxonomies using just the product image.

  • Over 90% tagging accuracy.
  • Customizeable taxonomies.

Powerful product search

Implement facet search and filters on your site to allow your customers to quickly find exactly what they're looking for.

  • Instantly generate facets for new products.
  • Customizeable facets.


Merchandising Automation

Tag thousands of products in minutes. Reduce the time to launch products.

Customizeable Facets

Tag according to your existing taxonomies, and add new facets anytime.

Cleaner Catalogues

Improve the accuracy and consistency of your product catalogues.

Easy Integration

Our team of engineers will develop customized integration tools.

Product Analytics

Use detailed product metadata to understand customers better.

Keep Your Data

We use a proprietary dataset of over 6 million products to train our models, so you don't have to give us any data.

About Us

We're a team of MIT graduates with research experience in large scale image data processing and machine learning. We've received funding from Lighspeed Ventures, MIT Sandbox, and Underscore Ventures.